Split 7" with Vena Cava

by Sick Sick Birds



released October 13, 2006

Mike Hall: guitar, vocals
Bobby Borte: guitar, vocals
Melissa Flanzraich: bass, vocals
Matt Dorsey: drums

Mixed by Adam Cooke.
A.D.D. Records



all rights reserved


Sick Sick Birds Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Marathon Monk
a strange feeling to want no say; taking care to snuff out any traces. impeccable planning carries the day. you bolt at every altercation.

got yourself a good view of a bad thing. but you can change direction on a dime.

stare at the ceiling and pour the tea. only talk until you got enough to indict me. you're a marathon monk but without the rope. don't walk away without the underwriting.

got yourself a good view of a bad thing. but you can change direction on a dime. there's only so many chances to get it all turned around. you can change direction on a dime.

just wishful thinking,no shame for a single day. past actions certified anyway
all grown up and stated "passion's overrated." you gave at the office and had your say. those pages smudged with ink and sweat will have to get you through the day.

and it's all in place, you just need the roots to take. but you just can't wait, clocked in from the interstate, like they'll never know. came to find you, gone again. there's nothing left to wish for you to see the end.
Track Name: Debtor's Prison
still talk about the failures if your're just dialing in. sales pitch like a nervous twitch. at some point you're gonna give in. given no thought to what you sold or bought - it was on sale! are you a hungry ghost?

at first i had pangs of conscience. siding with the devil you know. but after so many years and so many tears, now i just go with the flow. given no thought if it was sold or bought - it was on sale. are you a hungry ghost?

they said they wanted to help us, but they just don't have the votes. so it's shoot on site (is it wrong or right?) in the middle of the night, and they rolled out just like the Colts. given no thought if you were sold or bought - you were for sale. hey man, are you a hungry ghost?

here you come scratching and a scheming (a real modern behemoth). cameras off,
just pretend it's on. stuck here in debtor's prison. you love their lives(scheming, scratching), it's a sign of the time (a real modern behemoth). if you spend enough, it could all be yours! stuck here in debtor's prison.

get the urge to disassemble. it's just another word for broke. steady hand to carve your initials, its just another inside joke to get over the guilt of the slash and burn. in this land we call our home. speaking up sounds so suspicious. devour was your favorite word.