Chemical Trains ep

by Sick Sick Birds



released May 1, 2007

Mike Hall: Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Borte: Guitar, Vocals
Melissa Flanzraich: Bass, Vocals
Matt Dorsey: Drums

Mixed by Adam Cooke.
Toxic Pop Records #1



all rights reserved


Sick Sick Birds Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Revolt (with Perfect Spelling)
a perfect angle, to help you forget the best friend of the teacher's pet.
choked on your own words, tighten the tourniquet. I guess they're calling it a curse. Somebody said it's a theory in reverse.

this is the first of the worst solutions.

Zero problems zero progress, what will we do tomorrow? One sip left for the toughest pill to swallow. Step in, fill the void when you gut the building.
Scoop out the crumbs of candy for the last man standing. Somebody said there'd be something special for the last man standing.

Right where you need to be, it's a revolt with perfect spelling.
But you can't hide the ride that got you here – it has long since been found.
Track Name: A Bullet Goes a Mile
grew up with a girl who said 'i don't care' one too many times. then she met someone who was only too happy to help her make up her mind. but he left her so soon, like a hotel room. still a mess and just in time. over and over, so dissapointed. like she was the only one.

reaching for the reset. you've got enough sense to change the subject when a bullet goes a mile. and little by little, all her friends will become the villains. when a bullet goes a mile.

we're born so scared. blood is blood, it's the family curse. those scars, still there. ask the questions and you only make it worse. so get out while you can. it takes more to leave than to remain. every insult she saves. the congratulations go out with the junkmail.

frozen by a line in her favorite book. she missed the significance at first.
you better remember, you better jump. you're just another legionaire. forget about your sweet sojourn, you're headed home alone to your bed of nails.

so hold your breath, because here we go. when you step on every crack for spite
and might makes right, you try to do the most damage. it's all you know. won't take your own advice out of force of habit. always thinking, poison leaking, given a chance you'll sink this ship to the bottom. it's all you know.
Track Name: The Connects
nothing left but the avenue junkies waiting their turn to buy and burn. all day long they come running with crumpled dollar bill and still they never learn (they don't even want to learn). to get there faster, turn the siren on.

wild child has a baby boy. no future, westside allegory. track marks and arguments. it's not a home, it's their last stand. to get there faster, turn the siren on.

from the start, it corrupted and they loved it. the onslaught(it brought), it was a slippery slope. lookout shouts and the cops roll by. five shots ring out into the night. just more of the same. you fall asleep to the sound of the chemical trains.

he heard a song so good he thought he just had to call her. a true beliver
on the receiver. but it's disconnected and she's long gone. to get there faster, turn the siren on.

severed ties and long nights. discount supermarket soundtrack. confirmed your doubts out on baltimore and mount. he went out for bread and milk and cocaine.
steady line of county cars. everybody knows. tunnel vision, it's only business, but these cars are here for a reason.

we all know where not to go. in every city where not to go. in this part of town, it's all about get in line and get the money out. to get there faster, turn the siren on.
Track Name: Gag Order
Turn on your radio, turn on your friends. Gonna' bet the chalk that the guilty walk to make that pessimism pay.

Time's taking over - who's coming over? Just think it over
During the handshakes and glossing over. Marching orders for forgotten sons, and gag orders for everyone. Save the praise for the rainy days.

She loves the radio, and her father was the same. To the backroom bar for the tragic star just to add to the charm. Another day, another test, another subject for house arrest. Whatever she said, she should have left it. Backed out and left the words for dead.

It all comes spitting out on her stereo. And she's dreaming dreaming of hand to mouth during the handshakes and glossing over. Now that she got what she wanted, is it really what she wanted. She got exactly what she wanted.

She's got to spill it at the tone that she's never getting out of here alone.
In a sunrise compromise it don't look so different through these eyes. It all comes spitting out at her on her stereo. Dashboard map with the holes in the folds and the town she never found.

All roped in, say a prayer to Saint Something for a chance to come around again. But she has work to do, can't stand what it comes down to. But she'll hedge her bets just the same.